A Sober Look at Obamacare Repeal and Replacement

Since 2009 I have written about problems with national healthcare reform for this website. I oppose Obamacare and would prefer a complete repeal and replacement with a market-based system. However, we must contend with political realities. A Democrat filibuster in the Senate means the end of any repeal and a guarantee of a financial failure of the ACA which may lead to a single-payer system that they prefer. Many others have already written about details of the GOP House plan, which is but a beginning to revoking ObamaCare. Speaker Paul Ryan has said that there will be three phases in this process, requiring the conventional legislative process. Improving this bill by empowering participation through amendments that do not prevent the reconciliation process will be beneficial. We must understand whether we seek insurance or prepaid healthcare costs. Insurance is based upon risk assessment and premiums are arranged according to the potential costs for the insurance companies. Those...(Read Full Article)