A Pervasive Failure of Nerve in Higher Education

The condition of American universities is well known to any astute observer:  they are centers of left-wing, anti-American, indoctrination.  Once-upon-a-time, universities enabled many students to broaden their perspectives on themselves and the world.  Today, they all-too-often allow students to revel in their tribal identities, and try to ensure that the snowflakes have access to safe spaces, coloring books, and puppies, so they can ignore unpleasant information.  Universities give political correctness an entirely new, and dangerous, meaning.  Many administrators, faculty, and students can abide no criticism.  They say that they value diversity above all, but they are so intolerant of differing viewpoints that they are hot-houses of authoritarianism.   Some universities have been havens for violent left-wing extremists such as Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Kathy Boudin, and Angela Davis.  Almost every year an academic says or writes...(Read Full Article)