A Catholic College Disses Crusaders

In 1993 I was studying law at Cambridge University in England.  Of course, we visited the Inns of Court in London, power-central for British jurisprudence.  At lunchtime, a bit heady from the obligatory sherry-for-ladies-pre-prandial, I wandered a bit and came upon, of all things, the sepulcher of a Crusader.  I knew what it was immediately. I am Catholic, and although quite unregenerate at that time, still, the old stories and pictures were there.  Besides, you couldn't mistake it; the period was right: a knight in stone effigy, on the grave, decked out in the very latest warrior garb of the (circa 1100 AD) time; and anyway, the knight still clutched, in death, his shield across his chest, emblazoned upon which was that big, red Cross. Of a sudden the din of outside London was stilled.  This place was holy, myself notwithstanding; and I knew "holy" because I'd just visited Rome over our class break and, there, I had visited the...(Read Full Article)